Tiger Institute Leadership Academy

Education and Consulting Services

As health care organizations move toward using information technology to manage all facets of patient care, they need leaders to help drive clinical and cultural transformation. With this need in mind, the Tiger Institute has developed a Leadership Academy, TILA, to support and develop tomorrow’s hospital leaders.

TILA offers education and consulting services in the areas of strategy, operations and finance to leadership teams at both the executive and frontline management levels.

Acknowledging the need

The academy addresses the core knowledge and skills needed in the dynamic health care environment with a major focus on leveraging technology as a strategic enabler.    We deliver material through facilitator-led collaborative discussions as well as on site consulting services, combined with hands-on activities, such as breakout sessions tailored to individual roles

Providing effective tools

Ultimately, the academy will give leaders and frontline staff the effective tools and strategies necessary to support transformational change within their environment. We aim to teach clients how to leverage technology as a strategic enabler to:

  • Increase internal capabilities
  • Lead improvement and innovative efforts
  • Implement intelligent hospital systems
  • Achieve the transformation they seek

Join us as we work to make health care all that it should be.